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Physically, yes, we are located on Earth. But we don't have an in-person storefront.

Short Answer:

It's the (current estimated) age of the universe.

And since your shirt comes from stuff in the ground, which comes from stuff from space, which comes from stars...just follow that logic and you're all the way to the begining of the universe.

Long Answer:

Stars are like giant factories that make almost everything in the universe, including the stuff we find here on Earth. Inside stars, tiny things called atoms join together to make bigger things like gold, iron, and oxygen. When stars get very old, they sometimes explode and throw these bits all over space.

These star bits mix and come together to make planets like Earth, where they turn into rocks, water, air, and even the stuff in our toys and cars. Just like building blocks, these bits form everything around us.

So, the next time you look at a shiny piece of metal, take a breath of air, or put on your Stargazer clothes, remember that it was all made inside stars a long, long time ago. We are all made of stardust!

Yes! But hanging on to those friends is your problem.